Your Value to Asset

Free to join all over the world.
inspite of Racial, Rich or Poor, Literacy or not, Old or Young.


A DAO Community

We want to do something Cool and Charming. DAO was build by DAOHaus, inherited from the Community Spirit with low cost and high vitality. DAO?

Community Missiom

Value to Asset, is Our Mission, Community will surpport with Finalcail plan ,Projects management,Tech Stack and Crowd Testing. Make it easy for everyone.more

Community Coposition

Assets3 Community consists:
1.Council: Summoner+Caciques
2.Community R&D
3.Investment Group
4.Researcher Group

Mission, Vision, Value

What Make Us Unique?


Mint Your Value to Asset
  • Do not need Fiat Money
  • Join and Quit Free
  • Easy to operate
  • No Sudden Wealth
  • Different Square Playing
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Your Better Life by Asset3
  • Make Value to Entity
  • Stable Income
  • Distribute by Contract
  • More Dedication, More Income
  • More Assets, Better Life
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Exchange Mutual Cooperation
  • Build Relation with Cooperation
  • Open Source with every product
  • Exchange with Locality or Global
  • Exchange by Will and Equal
  • Multiple Mutual Benefits
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What's the Core Projets of the Community?

The Only Purpose of Asset3 Community, is to Discover the Lost Value of people, to Mint the Value to Asset which help people get Better Condisions,Better Lifes.

Tortoise Trader Set

A set of tools on Crypoto Market, build with conservative strategies like a self-protect tortoise.more

X Stack

A series of lessons and coaches, for the group of programmer who want to jump to the Blcokchain Tech Stack.more


CRM and Exchange the customer of D, which is above B/C's new forces arising from 2000. They are Creator,Innovator, Influncer in Facebook, Youtube, Ticktok or Bilibili.more


Like PopMart' Business Model: Creating and Spreading Your Own IP, Creating the Industry Chain for 40 Millions UpZhu will get a Big Bang.more


Why are Your here?

We all obey the rules, burning the life to pursue the dreame living like flaming candle.
Not only the warmness, but also the Light, they are all your Values.

Mint Third Class Asset

They are Privacy,Rlations and Choices.

Manage Your Asset

Invest the Future and Benifit from the Assets

Exchange and meet needs

Exchanged Value into X Assets

Trusted by Blockchain

Consent by Codes and Mechanism.


Theory and Analytics

All we thinking and talking about, are original from hundreds even thousands years ago. What the time can't erase is the Permanent and Classical.

"Loss Aversion"
"is the tendency to prefer avoiding losses to acquiring equivalent gains. The principle is prominent in economics domain. What distinguishes loss aversion from risk aversion is that the utility of a monetary payoff depends on what was previously experienced or was expected to happen. Some studies showed that losses are twice as powerful as gains."

# Daniel Kahneman - 2002 Nobel Economic Prize Owner

"New Choice Theory"
"Hayek made breakthroughs in the choice theory, and examined the inter-relations between non-permanent production goods and "latent" or potentially economic permanent resources, building on the choice theoretical insight that "processes that take more time will evidently not be adopted unless they yield a greater return than those that take less time. Also, Hayek's diifrent areas are Very important."

# Friedrich Hayek - 1974 Nobel Economic Prize Owner

"Internet and Blockchain"
"What Internet brings to us, are More efficiency and Improve Much experience on Many scenarios like Learning, Buying, Talking, Exchanging, Outing and etc. Blockchain, inspite of the Borrowed Prosperity of Publishing Coins, it is really a chance to level up the whole society and make better life."

# Internet and Blockchain - Two Important Technology

"The Santa Fe Institute with Complex System"
"The Santa Fe Institute was founded in 1984 by scientists [George Cowan], [David Pines], [Stirling Colgate], [Murray Gell-Mann]>, [Nick Metropolis], [Herb Anderson], [Peter A. Carruthers], and [Richard Slansky]. All but Pines and Gell-Mann were scientists with [Los Alamos National Laboratory]."

# Santa Fe Institute - Cross Area Research Institue

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